How to hang wallpaper

  • Ensure your wall is clean and smooth. Plaster smooth any holes and cracks, sand all patched areas and dust down when dry.
  • Mix paste according to instructions on the pack, let is sit for 5-10 minutes.
  • Apply paste with brush to the wall to the area that will be covered by a single run of wallpaper.
  • Hang wallpaper. Trim top and bottom. You can use utility knife and steel ruler for this.
  • Use clean rag or clean stiff brush to remove bubbles. Remove any extra paste by carefully sponging it off with clean warm water. Try to remove all bubbles, but don't worry if some are left, they will disappear after wallpaper dries.
  • Continue with another run of wallpaper making butt joins.



  • Please keep doors and windows shut to stop wallpaper from drying too fast.
  • Do not apply single piece of wallpaper to the inside corner, use two separate pieces.